The Education team at the BBU is extremely excited to announce one of our largest expansions ever at Joe Val: On Saturday afternoon and evening we will be offering over twenty jams, from beginner to advanced, including bluegrass, old-time, and swing jams! These jams will be hosted by some of the area’s top teachers and musicians, and we really hope you’ll join us on the Lower Level on Saturday, February 15th at Joe Val!

Note:  the information below is from 2019.  Information on the 2020 jams will be available shortly before Joe Val 2020 begins.

Level/ Style: Advanced Bluegrass High Int. Bluegrass Low Int. Bluegrass Beginner Bluegrass Directed Slow Jam Swing (Various) Old-Time (Various)
Room: Lincoln Hudson Hopkinton Dover Sherborn Maynard Natick
3:30–5pm Dave Kiphuth & Art Schatz Michael Bean & Eric Levenson Bob Altschuler Bruce Stockwell George Chapman & Pat Rooney Mary Maguire & August Watters (Beg) Mark Simos  (Beg)
5:30–7pm Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe Jam* Jeff Horton & Matt Carlen Betsy Rome Tony Watt Ray Mount Frank Drake, Gretchen Bowder & Peter Anick (Int) Alan Kaufman & Eric Levenson (Int)
7:30–9pm Skip Gorman, Chris Brashear & Eric Levenson Mary Maguire & Jeff Horton Lincoln Meyers Dave Reiner Bob Altschuler Gretchen Bowder & Jamie Peghiny (Adv) Ken Perlman (Adv)

*Ellen Carlson’s Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe Jam with Dave Kiphuth


DIRECTED SLOW JAMS (in the Sherborn Room):

Friday from 7:30 until 9 pm: Fred Swedberg

10:30 am until 12 noon: George Chapman & Pat Rooney
12 until 1:30 pm: Ray Mount
1:30 until 3 pm: Fred Swedberg
3:30 until 5 pm: George Chapman & Pat Rooney
5:30 until 7 pm: Ray Mount
7:30 until 9 pm: Bob Altschuler

11:00 until 2 pm: Ray Mount
2 until 4 pm: Fred Swedberg

Overflow Slow Jams (in the Marlborough Room):

Friday 6 pm until 9 pm

Saturday 10 am until 1 pm

Sunday 10 am until 5 pm



(1) Songwriter Song Circle with Dawn Kenney in the Lincoln Room on Friday, February 15th from 7:30 until 9:30 pm

(2) The Handsome Ladies of Bluegrass present a Bluegrass Jamming Workshop and Jam in the Marlborough Room on Saturday, February 16th from 1 pm until 3 pm

(3) Gospel Jam with Ben Silver and August Watters in Wayland North and South on Sunday, February 17th from 9 until 10:15 am