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Bluegrass Jam Camp at Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival

Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival 29 Meadow Rd, Brunswick

Check out this Pre-Festival Jam Camp on Monday- Wednesday before the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival! Join teaching artist Austin Scelzo for Wernick Method Classes teach real bluegrass jamming! Take the classes, miss none of the stage show! Austin plays with Rock Hearts and On The Trail and is a seasoned musician and trained Wernick Method instructor. * Hands-on learning in large and small groups * No jamming experience necessary * You will be jamming the first hour! * All bluegrass instruments welcome * Intermediates welcome, and given added challenges * Friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable teaching * Gentle tempos! Mistakes expected! * Music/tab reading not needed or used Learn many bluegrass standards How to lead songs and how to follow new songs How to find melodies, fake solos, sing harmony Group and individualized instruction on backup skills Understanding, low-pressure, time-tested teaching Register at: https://wernickmethod.org/event/as-2023-08-brunswick