Off the southern coast of Cape Cod bay is a hidden salt marsh known as Crowes Pasture, where receding Atlantic tides reveal intricate patterns on the shifting sands.  To Monique Byrne and Andy Rogovin, this cycle of creation and discovery evokes their own musical journey.  The duo performs originals and eye-opening covers that reflect a mutual passion, sense of discovery and celebration of life.  Their tightly blended vocal harmonies are mixed with an expressive instrumental style that could best be described as a banjo-guitar romance.

In just four year’s time, Crowes Pasture has been making waves with two EPs, two full-length albums, and their new single, “Hazy Shade of Winter” (Paul Simon).  But more than beautiful recordings, Crowes Pasture has an intimacy about their live performances.  The romantic clawhammer banjo playing by Monique and expressive guitar picking by Andy are enlivened by their personal chemistry and emotionally expressive vocals. With a full tour schedule and new full-length album due out in 2019, Crowes Pasture is emerging from the sea grass dunes at the “edge of America” to bring listeners across the country together.

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