MAHot Day at the Zoo
NHSeth Sawyer Band
RIRank Strangers (The)
VTDusty Pilgrims (The)
CTOne Way Track
MEDown Home Bluegrass Band
MAThe Old Time Bluegrass Singers
CTNick Anderson and Shady Creek
MANew England Bluegrass Band
VTJohn Gillette and Sarah Mittlefehldt
NHHot Mustard
MACreek River String Band
VTBlackjack Crossing
RIBig River Stomp
CTBig Apple'achia
MABest Ever Chicken
CTThe Bandolins
MAZink & Company
MAWide Open Spaces
MAWhiskey Boys (The)
CTToo Blue
MATony Watt and Southeast Expressway
NHTaylor River Band
MASplinters (The)
MASouthern Rail
NHReunion Hill Band
MAReunion Band (The)
MAReiner Family Band
MEMuddy Marsh Ramblers (The)
VTModern Grass Quintet (The)
MAMichelle Canning and Rough Edges
MEKatahdin Valley Boys
MAHunger Mountain Boys (The)
NHHigh Range Band
CTGrass Routes
MAGoodtime Stringband (The)
MA Frank Drake/
MAFour Bridges
MAFort Point Ramblers
MAFarmers Union Players
MEErica Brown and Bluegrass
CTEight Mile River Band
NYDyer Switch Band (The)
NYDelaney Brothers Bluegrass
MACrooked Still
MACrab Grass
MACold Chocolate
CTCharter Oak Bluegrass
NHBradford Bog People (The)
NHBow Junction
MEBlue Northern
MABluegrass Invitation Band
MABluegrass Gospel Project
MEBlistered Fingers Bluegrass Band
MABlackstone Valley Bluegrass Band
VTBig Spike Bluegrass
MEBack to Basics Bluegrass Band
NYAtkinson Family Bluegrass
CTAmy Gallatin and Stillwaters
MA Acousticana  
MAPine Hill Rambers (The)
NHNewFound Grass
MAChasing Blue
MAJones River Band (The)
MAMark Whitaker Band (The)
MABluegrass - The Band
NHBump Road Band (The)
NYMoonshire Creek Bluegrass Band
MABlue Train
MADeborah McDonnell Band (The)
MAWaiting For Neil
CTFive in the Chamber
MAMile Twelve
CTKorey Brodsky Band (The)
MEGather Rounders (The)
NHMary Maguire Band (The)
MAMerrimack Valley Bluegrass
MARock Hearts
CTWool Hats (The)
MAFiddlin' Quinn and His Big Folks Band
MATwisted Pine
MAHi-Tone Ramblers
CTZolla Boys (The)
MALonely Heartstring Band (The)
MARailroad House
RIFour Bridges
MABrother's Rye
MALocal Freight