The “Cornfed Dogs ‘n Cats” CANTAB

//The “Cornfed Dogs ‘n Cats” CANTAB
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The Cornfed Dogs ‘n Cats

“Rendering bluegrass 101 the way it should be”

Tuesday, November 12…10…ish

The Cantab Lounge
738 Massachusetts Ave.
(Central Square)
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 354 – 2685

The Cornfed Dogs ‘n Cats

So, here we go, with a special, and most exciting edition of “Cornfed!” Not only do we have Dogs, Nick Novz and Joe DeLillo…wailers there own ‘selves… we have “Cats!” Yes, two of the country’s bluegrass phenoms…Laura Orshaw, crazy on the fiddle…and vocals, and BB Bowness, up…from down, New Zealand way…to show off her banjer chops, and sings too!
So, it is my pleasure to let the “Cats” render their stuff! Together, we expect the highest and lonesom’est renditions of pioneering bluegrass. Join us!

Oh yes…I forgot, I love doing shows with the busiest “Instructor of all things bluegrass,” Mr Tony Watt, will pick ‘n chop his mandolin, and travel up ‘n down the neck for some powerful instrumentals on the guitar too…and you just never know what he might play or sing!

We have lots of surprises for you, so join us… The room will be crowded…so come on in early, and stay late…you’ll still be home early enough..after we “Drink up and go home!”

Nick Novia-Guitar
Laura Orshaw-Fiddle
BB Bowness-Banjo
Joe DeLillo-Bass
Tony Watt-Mandolin

If you don’t think this is gonna be a great show…you don’t know nuthin’!