The Feinberg Brothers are a bluegrass duo from Long Island, New York. Consisting of brothers Rourke and Patrick, the two are among the top, young bluegrass artists in the North Eastern United States. Having grown up with the sounds of bluegrass emanating throughout their house, their love of the genre came quickly. And it didn’t hurt to have some of the area’s best musicians come to pick at the house, giving the boys easy access to a wealth of talent. The brothers had front row seats for sessions from Andy Falco, Patrick Falco, Terry McGill, Dave Thompson, Dave Hampton, and Michael Cleveland, who all offered and received tutelage from along the way. By the ages of seven and nine, the brothers were invited to do guest appearances with McGill’s band Straight Drive, as well as Miller’s Crossing and Dan Paisley and the Southern Grass. By blending their bluegrass roots with a classical training background, they have delighted audiences with their tight, soulful harmonies and masterful guitar, fiddles, and mandolin playing ever since.

Rourke Feinberg – fiddle, Patrick Feinberg – mandolin, Ronnie Feinberg – guitar, Terry McGill – banjo, Peter Elegant – bass

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